Clinical Psychologist/CBT therapist/Counselling Psychologists - #459783

Sheffield Health & Social Care NHS Foundation Trust

Date: Jun 23, 2022
City: Sheffield
Salary: £40,057 - £45,839 / year
Contract type: Full time
Work schedule: Full day
Sheffield Health & Social Care NHS Foundation Trust
Sheffield is a national trailblazer site. We’re transforming mental health provision across Sheffield by providing personalised, trauma-informed care at a Primary Care Network level. (

We are a partnership between Sheffield Health and Social Care NHS FT, Primary Care Sheffield and Sheffield Mind.

We are seeking someone who enjoys the challenge of working across teams and systems. You will be creative in adapting direct and indirect psychological models to meet the needs of our diverse adult and older adult populations.

You will:

Be an enthusiastic ambassador for tackling health inequalities

Have experience of working with mental health difficulties across the adult age range in community settings (health, social care or voluntary sector)

Deliver direct and indirect psychological interventions in groups and individuals .

You will work with other members of the primary care team in one of our primary care networks in partnership with physical health, mental health and voluntary sector colleagues.

Supervise more more junior psychological practitioners (either in group or one-to-one).

Contribute to MDT triage, bringing psychological thinking to team discussions.

Contribute and lead on team formulations.

Liaise with, and provide consultation to other professionals within the PCMHT and within your Primary Care Network.

Input into ongoing service development

We are a partnership between Sheffield Health and Social Care, Primary Care Sheffield and NHS Sheffield CCG, and the Voluntary Community and Social Enterprise Sector (VCSE).

We have small primary care mental health multidisciplinary teams including: Clinical Psychologists, CBT Therapists, Clinical Associate Psychologists, Primary Care Mental Health Practitioners, an Occupational Therapist, a Mental Health Pharmacist, Community Connectors, and Health Coaches, as well as an increased VCSE offer led by Sheffield Mind.

Sheffield is a wonderful city to live in! From a vibrant and interesting art and music scene, to delicious places to eat Sheffield has it all! We're also delightfully close to the iconic Peak District, so all your outside rest and recuperation it's just a short journey away.

We are passionate about providing the very best care to the people we support, and we're looking for amazing people who share this passion to join us.

What is it that makes us such a special place to work? Well, it's all about the people. Our staff, service users, carers and families all come from such diverse backgrounds, support each other, and all have expertise and stories to share.


To provide specialist psychological assessments of clients referred to the Primary Care Mental Health Transformation Programme based upon the appropriate use, interpretation and integration of complex data from a variety of sources including psychological and neuropsychological tests, self-report measures, rating scales, direct and indirect structured observations and semi-structured interviews with clients, family members and others involved in the client’s care.

To formulate and implement plans for the formal psychological treatment and/or management of a client’s mental and physical health problems, based upon an appropriate conceptual framework of the client’s problems, and employing methods based upon evidence of efficacy, across the full range of care settings served by the teams.

To be responsible for implementing a range of psychological interventions for individuals, carers, families and groups, within and across teams employed individually and in synthesis, adjusting and refining psychological formulations drawing upon different explanatory models and maintaining a number of provisional hypotheses.

To evaluate and make decisions about treatment options taking into account both theoretical and therapeutic models and highly complex factors concerning historical and developmental processes that have shaped the individual, family or group.

To exercise autonomous professional responsibility for the assessment, treatment and discharge of clients on their own caseload.

To provide specialist psychological advice, guidance and consultation to other professionals contributing directly to clients’ formulation, diagnosis and treatment plan.

To contribute directly and indirectly to a psychologically based framework of understanding and care to the benefit of all clients of the service, across all settings and agencies serving the client group.

To undertake risk assessment and risk management for individual clients and to provide advice to other professions on psychological aspects of risk assessment and risk management.

To communicate in a skilled and sensitive manner, information concerning the assessment, formulation and treatment plans of clients under their care and to monitor progress during the course of both uni- and multi-disciplinary care.

Teaching, training, and supervision

To receive regular clinical professional supervision from a more senior clinical psychologist and, where appropriate, other senior professional colleagues.

To continue to gain wider post-qualification experience of clinical psychology over and above that provided within the principal service area where the postholder is employed.

To develop skills in the area of professional post-graduate teaching, training and supervision and to provide supervision to other MDT staff’s psychological work, as appropriate.

To provide professional and clinical supervision of assistant clinical psychologists/clinical associate psychologist, where appropriate.

To contribute to the pre-qualification and post-qualification teaching of clinical psychology and clinical associate psychologists, as appropriate.

To provide advice, consultation and training to staff working with the client group across a range of agencies and settings, where appropriate.

Management, recruitment, policy and service development

To contribute to the development, evaluation and monitoring of the team’s psychology divisions operational policies and services, through the deployment of professional skills in research, service evaluation and audit.

To advise both service and professional management on those aspects of the service where psychological and/or organisational matters need addressing.

To manage the workloads of assistant/graduate psychologists, within the framework of the team/service’s policies and procedures.

To be involved, as appropriate, in the shortlisting and interviewing of assistant/graduate

Research and service evaluation

To utilise theory, evidence-based literature and research to support evidence based practice in individual work and work with other team members.

To undertake appropriate research and provide research advice to other staff undertaking research.

To undertake project management, including complex audit and service evaluation, with colleagues within the service to help develop service provision.

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